Shooting Torino is a program that will teach students how to create cinematographic products exploring an area and its contradictions as well as the theme of community outreach. These narrations will flow into the creation of a thematic audiovisual library – cutting edge and growing over the years – a tool that will offer a new way of viewing the territory under the direction of the students.

The program goes beyond the specificity of a directing or an audiovisual storytelling workshop; it aims at taking on the notion of “filmmaking” as an exploratory, educational and didactic opportunity, intertwining technical knowledge with narrative and stylistic dynamics to develop a non-superficial gaze at the complexity of the context into which the students enter. Cinema is intended as the art of documenting life, but also as a tool capable of expressing and stylizing one’s own gaze; an opportunity for social investigation and a device for understanding the cultural, economical and historical context in which one lives. A dialectical and productive medium, which stimulates debate and interactivity among an informed, creative and active citizenship.

Faculty coming from the most illustrious city institutions working in cinema will guide the students, providing them with an educational experience in which their academic curriculum will be complemented by vocational training. MagazziniOz knowledge and skills in the social field will help the students approach social service while drawing attention to the various aspects of local culture and supplying the tools they need in order to work with it.

Community outreach is the focus of MagazziniOz, a no-profit social cooperative, founded to support CasaOz project, which combines social integration, management of socio-educational services, commercial activities aiming at the job placement of disadvantaged people thanks to its connections with various agencies.