The project Shooting Torino was founded in collaboration between MagazziniOz, Aiace Torino, Simona Barello - International Program Developer, Giusti Eventi - Communication Agency and events, Setteventi - Video Production House and cultural institutions of the territory related to the cinema, the theater and to literature.
Project partners are:
il Museo del Cinema, la Film Commission, la Scuola Holden, il DAMS, l'Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino and VIEW Conference.
Technical partner:
Campus Sanpaolo




MagazziniOz is a no profit social cooperative that combines social integration in the management of socio-educational services with commercial activities aiming at the job placement of disadvantaged people. In addition, thanks to a a wider cultural project, MagazziniOz has become a space to reflect upon today youth.

MagazziniOz exists because of CasaOz, a house that has decided to make itself available to the families of ill children, offering them a welcoming home together with support and assistance on their way back to a fully integrated social life.

Responsible for Courses


Program Director

A native of Turin, after obtaining a degree in Russian and German language and literature from Università di Torino, she studied in Paris, Boston and New York, specializing in film history and cinema studies. She has since then worked for American universities, in the United States and in Europe. She spent 10 years in Rome, where, among others, she taught at Iowa State University, Cornell University, Rhode Island School of Design, Washington State University; she also directed the exchange program between Boston College and LUISS university, and collaborated with UPTER (Università Popolare di Roma) in continuing education. Since 1998 Simona has worked with various university institutions in Europe, including Tisch School of the Arts (New York University), where she taught cinema classes in Paris for several years, and Sorbonne University, where she taught in exchange programs with Brazil. She has also worked as free-lance translator since 1994. Since moving back to Turin, she has been working on the idea of creating an international study program in her hometown, and finally, thanks to her encounter with MagazziniOz, she can realize her dream.

Her research focuses on questions of cultural hybridity and identity and on the subversion of established aesthetic canons. Among her publications are the essay At the Margins of the Margins: Female Identities within Beur Literature and Film (Verlag, 2009), and the translation work Melisenda e altre storie da non credere (Donzelli, 2012). Simona has also presented papers and published articles on various authors, including François Villon, Bertolt Brecht, Simone de Beauvoir, Antonio Gramsci, Tassadit Imache, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Mehdi Charef, Malik Chibane, Emma Dante.


Setteventi is a video production company that has worked in the fields of audiovisual production and postproduction as well as communication for more than the last 10 years. The company combines a more traditional production work (tv commercials, corporate videos) with increasing competence in the field of museum and trade show installations (Juventus museum, Kuwait Pavilion Expo 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion Expo 2015) and in the study and development of new media (dome projection, virtual reality 360°). Settevent works for various companies (Ferrero, Lavazza, Iveco, Nussli, Ducati) and institutions (Comune di Torino, Regione Piemonte), deeply grounded in the Piedmont territory and culture.

Technical director

Giusti Eventi

Is a communication agency and events organizer born in Turin in 2009 with the goal of working primarily, although not exclusively, for clients in the service sector.
They are a group of professionals expert in every creative and communication field: from web design to graphic design, from social media to photographic services, from text writing to event organization; everything that has to be said and everything to say it well, all of it seasoned with strategy and planning.

Social sustainability, environmental as well as economic, is at the base of the “Giusti Eventi” project. These experts have worked for years bringing professionalism to nonprofit activities, and new values and innovation to for-profit businesses. In every circumstance they foster discussion, sharing and collaboration.

They work closely with clients and collaborators, who are trained to become self sufficient in many aspects of the communication processes, because Giusti Eventi believes that knowledge must be shared and that sharing competences means multiplying them.

Valentina Montresor
Organizing Secretary and Head of Communications


AIACE Torino is the Piedmont section of Associazione Italiana Amici Cinema d’Essai (Italian Association Friends of Art Cinema). Created in 1968, today it numbers about 13,000 members and controls the largest circuit of art house movie theaters in Italy. Membership is renovated yearly and is open to anyone. Since the 70s, AIACE Torino has held its activities both in the city’s art house movie theaters and everywhere in the region, supporting and promoting art cinema through various initiatives addressing citizens, students, teachers, and the operators of the sector, including Sottodiciotto Filmfestival.

Educational coordinator

is a Media Educator who designs and conducts educational curricula on the use of media in the social, health, didactic and cultural fields. He is professor of Technologies of Education and Learning at Università Cattolica of Milan, where he also teaches Media and Interculture within the Master program in Intercultural Competences. He taught Film Didactics at DAMS (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica, dello Spettacolo, Performing Arts Subjects) of Università di Torino and Languages and Contexts of Contemporary Media within the Master of Audiovisual and Cross-media Production and Distribution Management at Università di Torino. For AIACE Turin he plans and conducts courses of analysis of media addressing students, teachers and adults.

His film critiques have appeared in prestigious periodicals like Duellanti, Cineforum, L’indice dei libri del mese, Animazione sociale.

He is the author of the essay Insegnare cinema (UTET, 2004).